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I was interested in the cyclical nature of abuse within a family, and how dynamics are constantly shifting in such a situation. This film was made to explore these tensions told only through the perspectives of the three characters.

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The Filmmakers

The Filmmakers

Sarah Ridgeway, Susan Cummins & Tony Wadham,


Cara Kotschy, Line Producer

Line Nikita Blom, Cinematographer

Rob Thomas, Sound Recordist & Designer

Michaela Wardrop, Art Director

Merryn Conaway, Costume Designer

Abraham Teweldebrhan, Editor

The Festivals

The Festivals

BAFTA Short Film Nomination 2010

European Film Award Nomination 2009

Best Film, Vienna Indie Short Film Festival 2009

Best Short Film, L'Alternativa 2009

Pix UIP, Cork Film Festival 2008

Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam 2009

Hamburg Int'l Short Film Festival 2008

Amiens Int'l Film Festival 2008

Leeds Int'l Film Festival 2009

Ourense Int'l Film Festival 2009, Spain

Leuven Int'l Film Festival 2008

Signes de Nuit 2009, France

Artfilm Festival 2009, Slovakia

Seoul Int'l Youth Film Festival 2009

Lenola Int'l Film Festival 2009, Italy

Cortopotere Short Film Festival 2009, Italy

European Short Film Festival Cologne 2009

Best of Short Film Festival 2009, France


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