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in sight

In the weeks immediately after the events of 9/11, I noticed the way people observed one another had changed, particularly during the commute to work. The uneasiness I felt triggered the need to explore the themes of assumptions and perception.

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The Filmmakers

The Filmmakers

James Schumann & Susannah Coster, Actors

Chris Collingridge, Cinematographer

Emma Hayward, Production Designer

John Thornton, Sound Recordist

Vanessa Thompson, Production Manager

Tim Beaman, Composer

Abraham Teweldebrhan, Editor

Mu Ali, Co-writer & Producer

The Festivals

The Festivals

Best Foreign Film, Malescorto Film Festival 2003

Best Film, Magma Short Film Festival 2004

Award Winner, Chlotrudis 2003

Star Award, CIAFF 2003, Canada

Chichester Film Festival 2003

Festival of New Cinema 2003, Liverpool

Voladero Film Festival 2003 , Mexico

Fort Film Festival 2004, Czech Republic

DaKino Film Festival 2004, Romania

Denver Underground Film Festival 2004