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Do Not Erase

I was on the tube reading the newspaper in 2003 about British soldiers first arriving in Iraq. On the same page was a missing persons column asking for help. I began thinking of how the military families left behind were coping - how they talked to one another, and if they had the chance, how they would talk to those absent or missing.

The Filmmakers

The Filmmakers

Jeanette Rourke, Sasha Hermann & Peter Andrew,


Michaela Wardrop, Art Director

Merryn Conaway, Costume & Make-up Designer

Rob Thomas, Sound Recordist

Javier Fuentes-Leon, Music

Cara Kotschy, Production Manager

Abraham Teweldebrhan, Editor

The Festivals

The Festivals

BAFTA Short Film Award 2006

Audience Award, Hamburg Short Film Festival 2006

Audience & Jury Awards, short cuts Cologne 2006

Audience Award, Augsburg Int'l Film Festival 2007

Best Dramatic Short, Arizona Int'l Film Festival 2007

Grand Prize, Best of Short Film Festival 2007

Grand Prix du Conseil General de l'Essonne,

Cinessone 2007

Jury Award, Cologne unlimited 2007

Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam 2007

Edinburgh Int'l Film Festival 2006

Vancouver Int'l Film Festival 2006

Worldwide Short Film Festival Toronto 2006

Odense Int'l Film Festival 2006, Denmark

Regensburg Short Film Week 2006, Germany

Izmir Int'l Short Film Festival 2007, Turkey

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